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This section is more like a shopping list for newbees, a list with pictures of everything you'll need to go racing.
Let's start with Tools. I like CRAFTSMAN Tools because they are high quality and come with a lifetime warranty, if it breaks, take it back and you'll get a new one.

Any Toolbox should do, here is a picture of mine, just make sure it has drawers and storage space.

In drawer one I have the following tools:

Combination Wrenches 7mm-17mm
Combination Wrench 13/16" (for the spark plug)
3/8" Drive Ratchet
Sockets 8mm-18mm
Torque Wrench 0-75ft/lbs
Snap-Ring Pliers
Slip-Joint Pliers
Needle Nose Pliers

In drawer two I have the following tools:

Philips and Flat head Screw Drives in assorted lengths and sizes
Hex Keys 1.5mm-8mm (Alan Wrenches)

Here are some other tools that are helpful to have:

Caliper (I got mine from Harbor Freight for $20! And it's Digital!)
Chain Breaker (Not pictured)
Clutch Holding Plate
Clutch Puller Tool
Pinion Tool
Rubber Mallet (for pounding axles)
Spark Plug Gapper
Spring Puller Tool

Some fuel realated items that are nice to have:

Gas Can (one gallon is plently unless you have many bikes)
Ratio Rite (makes premixing fuel/oil a no-brainer)
Funnel(s) (free paper ones from the gas station)
Some Type of Two-Stroke Premix Oil
Burger King Cup (I like to keep it just in case I need to drain the coolant)

Here is a list of my spares pictured above:

Bolt Kit
Brake Levers (Not pictured)
Carburetor (Not necessary)
Carburetor Gasket Set (Not pictured)
Chain (Not pictured)
Clutch Bolts
Clutch Shoes (Not pictured)
Coil(s) (Not pictured)
Front Pinion(s)
Handle Bars (Not pictured)
Knee Sliders
Muffler Packing (Not pictured)
Piston Ring (Not pictured)
Rear Sprocket(s)
Reeds (Not pictured)
Spark Plugs
Starter Complete
Starter Pawls
Starter Wheel
Top End Gasket Set (Not pictured)
Water Pump (Not necessary)
Water Pump Belts
Can't live without the stickers

Here are some other items that are nice to have:

Air Filter Cleaner
Air Filter Oil
Bearing Lube
Brake/Carburetor Cleaner (Not pictured)
Chain Lube
Coolant (Water Wetter or Engine Ice)
Duct Tape
Hi-Temp Silicone
Latex Gloves
Razor Blade
Scotch Brite Pad (Good for cleaning unpainted frames)

I like to keep all my Spares, Extra Sprays and all in a plasic toolbox like the one pictured above.

One of the nicest things to have at the track is a foldup table(s). It will only set you back $40, and your back and knees will thank you.

And finally, it's always nice to have an air compressor of some sort if your local track doesn't have one you can use. Mine has a removable digital gauge with it.
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