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One Piece Wheel Tire Changing
Thanks again to Dave for this awesome how-to!
People have been having so much trouble installing tires on 1-pc wheels, I decided to spread the wealth and share my easy no-hassle technique (developed after much blood, sweat, and cussing).

Step 1.
Here's what you need- tools: 1 tire lever, 2 plastic 'shields' I cut these from a Clorox wet-wipe jug, Wet the tire with soapy water- use a LOT.

Step 2.
Press the wheel onto the tire. Work one side on first, then work it up to the other.

Step 3.
Push HARD. Being able to squeeze 200lbs in each hand helps. If you're a pansy, too bad ;) No really, you could probably kneel on it, or step on it, or something.

Step 4.
Pop! You're 1/2 done.

Step 5.
Flip to the other side. Now what?

Step 6.
Lay the rim on a towel- don't wanna screw up those $120 wheels, right?

Step 7.
Push one side into place. Work the edges of the tire in place as far as you can. Kneel on the tire edge to keep it from popping out, and pull the rim downwards, towards you to prepare for the next step.

Step 8.
Put plastic shield over rim so you don't booger it. Then, use the tire lever to pry the tire in place. One or two 'pries' should do it.

Step 9.
In the immortal words of Christopher Lowell.. "TA DAAAA!"

Pump it up on a compressor and you're set!
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