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Radiator Filling
(Note: The pictures shown below are of a Polini 911 with a Polini 6.2hp water-cooled engine, but the basic steps are the same on all Minimotos.)
Step 1.
For this tip the radiator must be already empty, you will also want the fairings, and on most bikes, gas tank removed. The coolant you use is very important, you can choose to run straight distilled water, a distilled water and Water Wetter mix or a premixed coolant like Engine Ice. Remember, anti-freeze is ILLEGAL on ALL race tracks, only use anti-freeze if you are storing the bike a freezing environment. And check local rules before using any coolant.

Step 2.
Remove the overflow cap, insert a funnel and begin to fill the bottle.

Step 3.
Remove the radiator vent bolt.

Step 4.
Tip the bike to the right and continue to fill until the coolant begins to come out of the vent hole. Spin the rear wheel if needed. Quickly close the vent.

Step 5.
Put the bike back leveled and fill the overflow bottle to the indicated line.

Step 6.
Close the overflow bottle.

Step 7.
Reinstall the fairings and gas tank. Remember to periodically check the level of the coolant after running the bike.
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