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Radiator Draining
(Note: The pictures shown below are of a Polini 911 with a Polini 6.2hp water-cooled engine, but the basic steps are the same on all Minimotos.)
Step 1.
For this tip you will need to remove your fairings to get access to the radiator.

Step 2.
On most bikes you will need to remove the gas tank to access the overflow bottle. It is either located under the gas tank or in front of the controls.

Step 3.
Remove the overflow bottle's cap.

Step 4.
Remove the radiator's vent bolt at the top corner of the radiator.

Step 5.
Remove the clip holding the radiator hose at the bottom corner of the radiator.

Step 6.
Remove the hose and allow the coolant to drain into a cup.

Step 7.
Next, allow the hose to empty into the cup.

Step 8.
Tip the bike over on it's side and allow the rest of the coolant to drain out. Spin the rear wheel if needed to get the remaining coolant out.

Step 9.
Reinstall the hose, vent bolt, overflow cap and gas tank if needed. Remember, whenever working with an empty radiator, work as quick as possible to keep the cooling system from rusting.

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