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Polini Brake Setup
Big Thanks goes out to Edzo for sharing how to setup your Polini brakes correctly.
First check to see if you even have pads left, take off the entire brake assembly and look in there. Check rotors on a flat surface (glass) and make sure they are not warped. If warped, replace them.

Now put brakes back on and...

First remove the cables from the front arms, let them dangle.

Then go to the lever cable adjustments barrels, and adjust them both to be about 2 turns back, from fully screwed in toward the lever. Maybe 3 threads showing.

Next, attach the cable back to the arms on the brakes, and make the angle of the arm perpendicular to the cable where it comes off the eyelet. It should be a 90 degree angle. Now let the lever back away from the cable 20 more degrees, so the arm is about 110 degrees away. Now lock the cable there.

Now you have to adjust the pads. Get a small allen wrench and small open end wrench or box wrench, and loosen the small nut and allen screw that is in the center of the nut at the base of cable arm. This is the pad adjuster. Tighten the allen screw on one brake and loosen the other brake. Now tighten the pad and spin wheel and tighten until the it starts to rub. Now back off until it just doesn't rub. Now do the next brake one in the same fashion.

Now, spin wheel and hit brake lever. It should be hair trigger. Back out each pad equal number of turns until the feel at the lever is what you want. Lock the pads down. Squeeze the lever hard a few times to seat everything down.

Now for the fine tuning, balance the brakes together...

Spin wheel, grab brake until wheel stops. Not too hard, not too soft...firm I guess....

Keep holding brake. Reach down and push on the brake arms, try to activate either brake further by pressing on it. One will likely move a teeny bit. [if they both move, you need to grab the brakes harder]. Do that to one arm or the other. If one can move, this is your loose brake and you can either A: adjust the pad again, or B: adjust the cable barrel at the lever. adjust them so when you do the hand test you know each arm is as tight as the other when you hit the brakes.

On the rear, ditto the front:

Check rotor.
Check pad life inside and out.

Actuator arm at 110 degrees no more no less.
Adjust pad screw accordingly.

Make sure hand lever cable barrel adjust is mostly screwed in first, but a few threads back...(room to adjust).

Make sure cable arm is at 110 degrees from angle of the cable housing holder at the brake, best grab this way.
If you get the brake arms at 110 degrees, and the pads balanced, these Polini brakes are one finger stoppers no problem.
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