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Everything you need to know about fuel.
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Mixing Fuel
Mixing your fuel to the correct ratio is very important, too much oil will foul the spark plug and lean the jetting; too little oil will not protect the engine. You should use fresh premium gas from the pump, (usually 92, 93 or 94 octane), make sure its from a name brand like Shell, Mobil or SUNOCO, other generic brands cause lots of trouble. Then you need oil, use any non-synthetic two-stroke oil found at a gas station for breaking in. Then high quality two-stroke synthetic oil there after, some good types of oil are Castrol TTS, Castrol A747, MOTUL 800 and Yamalube, any other is fine but make sure its made for premixing not injection. I use a cup called a Ratio Rite, to mix the oil and gas. You pour in the oil to the marked spot of 50:1 for one gallon of gas, then pour it into your gas can; to use up the left over oil in the cup pour a little gas back into it, swirl it around and pour it back in the can (<--Thanks Vince Rolleri for that tip!). Another good measuring tool to use is an Accu-Mix Jug, this has common ratios marked on the side of the can. I like to put the oil in the gas container before the gas, then mix it up good after the gas is in. Don't spend too much time picking gas and oil. Find something you like and stick to it, this way your notes will be more useful and your jetting easier and more consistent.
Fuel and Time
Gas does not last too long before it gets too bad for a minimoto engine, if the gas is more the two weeks old, then its too old to use. I like to mix my gas on the way to the track when I go racing, then use the left over in between race days for practice. Also if you only have one minimoto there is no need to mix more than one gallon of gas. I would not recommend putting any kind of fuel stabilizers, it can throw off your gas/oil ratio. Many starting problems are because your gas is mixed wrong or is old, so make sure to double check that.
Still unsure about how to mix your fuel? Visit the how-to: Premixing 2-Stroke Oil and Gas.
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