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Engine Removal
(Note: The pictures shown below are of a Polini 911 with a Polini 6.2hp water-cooled engine, but the basic steps are the same on all minimotos.)
Step 1.
You will need to drain your coolant before doing the following steps. Please visit the following tip to learn how:
Step by Step: Radiator Draining

Step 2.
Remove the engine mounting bolt with a 13mm wrench.

Step 3.
On the other side use a 13mm socket.

Step 4.
Remove the mounting bolt.

Step 5.
You might need to move a footpeg bracket out of the way to get the the second mounting bolt. This is a good time to disconnect the carburetor off the intake.

Step 6.
Remove the second bolt and the engine should drop out.

Step 7.
Remove the first coolant hose. And the second.

Step 8.
Now you can pull out the engine. Remember to drain any leftover coolant out of the head before opening the engine.

Now that you've removed your engine what would you like to do?
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