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Clutch Removal
(Note: The pictures shown below are of a Polini 911 with a Polini 6.2hp water-cooled engine, but the basic steps are the same on all Minimotos.)
Step 1.
On most minimotos you will need to remove your fairings and remove the chain.

Step 2.
Here is a picture of the clutch removal tool when you get it from your local dealer.

Here is a picture of the tool after you have assembled it.

Step 3.
Now you need to remove the clutch housing and install the clutch holding plate.

Step 4.
Take off the nut at the center of the clutch assembly with a 13mm socket.

Step 5.
Install the clutch removal tool.

Step 6.
Use a 5mm hex key to spin the center of the clutch removal tool. The clutch should pop right out.

Now you're ready to adjust your clutch, clean it up, or change your shoes. Visit these tips to learn how:
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To reinstall your clutch simply put the clutch assembly back onto the crank and tighten the holding nut.
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